Welcome To The New Energy Transition

If you want to better understand how zero emission technology fits into your world, you've come to the right place.

We're Here To Guide The Way...

Develop A Defensible Strategy

We help governments and commercial partners transform how they use energy. As trusted advocates, eliminating technology & vendor bias in favor of doing what is technically and commercially sensible is everything. Morris Chang wisely said "Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless." We take this to heart.

Creating intelligent, actionable plans to transform complex ecosystems is our business. Billions of dollars are flowing into the market but these resources are not always deployed effectively. Competing interests are pulling in countless different directions, be it commercial, political or even within your organization. We're here to cut through the noise. Using a transparent, reliable process we can help you develop an actionable plan to move towards a zero emission future.

Transformational Change Is Possible

Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission technology & infrastructure throughout the globe. We do this by providing world class planning, program & project management services.

Our Core Expertise

  • Master Planning

    Actionability is everything. Research is important, it's the backbone of innovation and analysis that allows the global community to progress, but it's not a plan.

    To enact change, you need a plan. And that plan must be grounded in reality, be actionable and be coherent to the parties that will oversee its implementation. It must account for the interests of a range of stakeholders and address political, human, commercial, technical, regulatory and many more components. This is what we go to sleep thinking about and wake up excited to do. It's not just a core competency, it's a passion for doing things the right way.

  • Program & Project Management

    In a world of technology we would be wise to remember people are the key to our success or failure. From the smallest collaborative task to a multi-billion dollar project, some fundamental commonalities remain. Whether it's coordinating and selecting vendors, negotiating good contracts that align interests, setting meaningful goals and getting buy-in to achieve these goals, bringing people together to achieve great things is both an art and a science.

    This is why values and hiring the right people is so important to us. Some might tell you that it's just a matter of methodology and process, but it's integrity, resilience and a tireless commitment to excellence that delivers results when truly challenged.

  • Grant Winning & Funding

    We write grant responses that win. Our team understands what a good grant application looks like and that it can be difficult to allocate internal resources to do it right, so we're here to help. Our team has extensive experience working with federal & state agencies to both help develop and utilize funding programs. We also have relationships with investors in the space that are looking for the right projects to deploy capital into.

We're Comfortable With Cutting Edge

We know how to navigate technical, financial & regulatory risk. Deploying new technology can have a steep learning curve, we're here to help accelerate that process.

Our goal is to increase the accessibility of this technology for you and your team. We believe it is critical to support the development of your institutional knowledge, provide training and share our wealth of experience with our partners.