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Zero Emission Advisors' Ethos

We're a values based firm combining a passion for technology, a drive to facilitate meaningful change & a commitment to doing what is right

What Drives Us...

Who we are as people permeates the very fabric of our business. We like to think of ourselves as a movement, not just a business. Even before coming together to form Zero Emission Advisors we were driven by a desire to bring about transformation, disruption and  innovation. Not simply change for its own sake, but fundamentally questioning and examining the ways we as individuals and collectives approach life on this planet to evolve.

Lao Tzu said, "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." We all must regularly examine if we like where we're heading. The mission is not just environmental, it's social. Protecting our environment, for ethical or even purely pragmatic reasons is one thing. Changing the way our culture uses energy, challenging and reimagining the way extractive industries operate, these are much more fundamental. While our world is faced with many challenges, we are not daunted, we are inspired. We look forward to working with you and sharing our passion with you. 

Our Code (The Ring of Gyges)

The Ring of Gyges from Plato's Republic (speculated to have inspired Tolkein's Lord of the Rings) is a magic ring empowering one to become invisible and thus act without consequence. It explores whether we act justly for benefit and reputation or for the sake of justice itself. We are what we do when no one is watching. Our guiding principle to act with integrity even when it does not benefit us or when no one is watching simply because it is the right thing to do.

"Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed - the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday."

- Frances Hesselbein

Zero Emission Advisors Team

Dr. Joseph Pratt

Joe provides technical depth and breadth in all things hydrogen & zero-emission. He has analytical and hands-on experience in multiple application spaces on land, sea, and air, understands the latest technologies, and continues to accurately predict technical trends, successes, and failures. Zero Emission Advisors' clients appreciate his unbiased, objective, and accessible technical assessments and use them to confidently manage their investment portfolios, make strategic decisions, and set policy.

Joe has been involved in hydrogen & zero-emission technology since 1996, having authored a book chapter, numerous reports, and peer-reviewed journal articles, and given countless presentations and invited talks on the subject. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of California Irvine’s National Fuel Cell Research Center, and spent over seven years at the US Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories. There he led Sandia’s Zero Emission Maritime program and was Sandia’s lead for both DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office’s Fuel Cell Market Transformation program and the Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Research and Station Technology (H2FIRST) project. Following Sandia, Joe co-founded and is CEO and CTO at Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine, a company building hydrogen fuel cell power plants for marine boats and ships around the world and, along with the rest of the team, has deep empathy for the founders and leaders of growth-based technology startups. Joe was also an Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the University of Michigan - Shanghai JiaoTong University Joint Institute, where he taught numerous courses, receiving an Excellent Teacher award from the University and was consistently ranked highly by students for his ability to convey complex information in easy-to-understand ways.

Fun facts: Joe has a commercial pilots license. At heart he is a creator, when he's not working he can be found with his family, taking care of his two boys, building something or in his garden.  

Jorden Kemper

As a member of the executive team at Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine he helped develop the corporate strategy for the deployment of fuel cell technology within the commercial maritime industry. Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine built the first fully fuel cell powered commercial vessel in the world. In this role he traveled the world as a keynote speaker discussing the critical role the maritime market plays in reducing emissions and commercializing fuel cell technology globally. He has extensive experience advising governments on policy to enable the development of a vibrant hydrogen economy within their jurisdiction. He has expertise in the market forces and trends within the hydrogen industry, a comprehensive understanding of fuel cell technology and a firm grasp on effective policy measures to enable deployment of emerging, green energy technology. A staunch champion of hydrogen, battery-electric technology and renewable energy, he has extensive experience with project development and business development critical to enabling project success in complex ecosystems. Currently he is a founding, managing partner of Zero Emission Advisors, focused on enabling the rapid deployment of zero emission technology & infrastructure in the global marketplace.

Mr. Kemper started his career helping to build several companies that achieved 9 figure exits (Costar/LoopNet, IBM/Ustream & Intuit/Demandforce). As an expert in complex sales and business development he has generated millions of dollars in revenue for several businesses across a range of industries. As an entrepreneur and technologist he has extensive experience in digital product management and project management. He went on to co-found a last mile logistics company as COO & Head of Digital Product during which he participated in a State Department & World Bank funded accelerator program to cultivate international business and fundraising skills. He was a founding managing partner of Tengu Strategic, a Consulting firm based out of San Francisco where he helped develop and implement growth strategies for small and medium businesses. He is an avid technologist and strong advocate for corporate social and environmental responsibility. 

Fun Facts; Jorden has a black belt in Japanese Jujutsu and is an expert Krav Maga practitioner. When not working he spends his spare time planning his next backpacking or skiing trip. 

Roberto Reichard

Roberto holds an M.Sc. in Engineering from Imperial College, London and an MBA from University of Dayton, Ohio.

Roberto is passionate about regenerative approaches to conceptualize, design, and implement major capital projects. Throughout his 30 year career in the engineering, construction, and energy industries, Roberto has developed a track record of aligning multiple stakeholders and leading innovative infrastructure and energy projects around the world. His current areas of interest include lowering the embodied carbon in project materials and equipment and during construction, as well as development of climate adaptive/resilient infrastructure.

Roberto has been vice president of project management for global major projects, vice president of projects in Asia Pacific, vice president of developments in Alaska, and a distinguished technical advisor in project management for a major global energy company His experience includes heading liquified natural gas (LNG) projects in Indonesia and Alaska. Prior to that, during his 20 years with a preeminent engineering and construction corporation, Roberto led numerous projects around the world, including offshore mega-projects in the Gulf of Mexico and in the deep waters of India’s Bay of Bengal. He also led the development of national master plans for hydrocarbon logistics in Thailand and Spain, and the plan for intermodal logistics across the isthmus of Panama.

Roberto has accomplished several first-of-a-kind developments including the world’s largest nitrogen from air capture plant, the first floating oil storage tanker able to offload to two tankers simultaneously, and the first deepwater subsea gas development in India.

Christopher Hussey

Christopher Hussey is a father to three amazing boys and loves aviation. He served in the United States Navy as an Avionics Technician and Electronic Warfare Operator acting in the East Asia theater aboard The USS Nimitz, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Constellation, and the final cruise of the forward-deployed USS Independence with Air Reconnaissance Squadron VQ-5.

Upon leaving the military, Chris worked as Production Control Manager for CTL Aerospace, where he managed production scheduling of multiple manufacturing cells utilizing six sigma, 5S, and Kaizen lean manufacturing techniques. Christopher is a business development professional with experience in the low carbon energy alternatives market. Christopher has a diverse background, including working as an entrepreneur and former business owner.

He has experience developing virtual pipelines for Energy companies, Local Distribution Companies, and industrial clients and served as the business development manager western region for Certarus, the North American market leader in providing low carbon energy solutions through fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) platform. Previously Chris was the Vice President of business development at Lancer Energy, specializing in compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations and CNG vehicle conversions. Chris also served as Vice President of Business Development for Pine Creek Power focusing on low carbon energy alternatives for the Heavy-duty and ultra-heavy-duty market, including mining, industrial, and transportation industries.

Bob Beth

Bob brings whole system thinking and can do optimism to the daunting imperative to transform the global energy system at climate mobilization pace. Born curiosity-driven, throughout his entire life, even in his earliest years, Bob has fearlessly navigated and explored the boundless leading edges of advanced technologies while integrating the wisdom of the ancients and the indigenous. He is a global adventurer, South Pacific sailor, software pioneer, and zero emission energy proponent.

Bob has immersed himself extensively in a broad range of cultures by spending seasons in geographies as ancient and diverse as the islands of the South Pacific, Peru, including the headwaters of the Amazon, Brazil, and Egypt, as well as in the commercial centers of the Americas, Europe, and Australia. He has climbed the steps of antiquity in Egypt, the Yucatan, Tenochtitlan, Machu Pichu, Rome, Athens, and Delos.

As a lifelong tech startup pro, equally to small startups and global companies, he brings deep expertise in unlocking unprecedented opportunities through cross-sector mashups in service to the urgent transition to a Life Sustaining Society. Now in his sixth decade as a discerning early adopter of technologies, he is sought out as a true modern elder and creator of communities of practice spreading consciousness in business and to the transformation of the global energy system.

Bob is currently weaving together a shared values-based whanau, keiretsu or family of independent, naturally coupled – whenever possible indigenous-owned – companies whose complementary capabilities enable epic collaboration solving wicked economy-wide problems. His thought leadership and selected experience are highlighted below:

Special Advisor, California Clean Energy Moonshot – World Business Academy
IPN17.com – Impact Procurement Network in service to the 17 Global Goals
AHA7.Energy – Algorithmic Hydrogen Alliance
AHA-NZ.Energy - Aotearoa Hydrogen Alliance
NORI.com - The Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace

John Motlow

John Motlow is a marketer, technologist, and entrepreneur, who has a 13-year track record of success developing, implementing, marketing and selling cutting-edge technology solutions in a variety of markets and verticals both domestically and internationally. He was the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing of Golden Gate Zero Marine. In that capacity he directly shaped and modernized the US and international public media narrative and in the last 18 months earned over 150 digital, print and broadcast tv articles/features, which has had a profound impact on the public's embracement of H2 technologies. Also during that time John advised members of domestic and international governments, corporate and finance industry executives in shaping their near and long term H2 strategies. John is an expert in evaluating and enabling the growth and adoption pathways for commercialized and cutting edge H2 technologies, while identifying and mitigating the technical, communication and market challenges that arise with H2 deployment in the real world. He is currently a partner at H2 Advisors where he focuses on: working with major financial and corporate institutions to create successful H2 investment and deployment strategies to create net new opportunities while future proofing and diversifying their business and portfolios and working behind the scenes to continue to create more awareness and demand for h2 technologies by the general public and thus the market.

Before entering the H2 space, John spent his career building a number of successful high tech businesses as either a key early employee, expert consultant or co-founder. Many of those have had successful exits including: Ooyala (acquired by Telstra in 2014 for $270mil), Ustream (acquired by IBM in 2016 for $130mil), Filmzu (acquired in 2015 for an undisclosed sum). John also co-founded Sales Bootcamp, which continues to train and place high caliber technical sales people at top tier tech companies. He is the Managing Partner of Tengu Strategic, a revenue centric strategic consulting and technology development company. He is also a member of the Cypher Development Group board of directors which is working on the implementation of next generation Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) for government and commercial use.  

Russ Conser

Russ is an emerging voice for the science, business and impact of the regenerative economy with extensive experience in the energy business at Dutch Royal Shell.
-30 years at Shell Oil culminating in leadership of the GameChanger innovation program
-Deep and broad experience in emerging energy technology
-Expert in both theory and practice corporate innovation and venturing Long-held passion for all things energy
-New passion for the solar-powered biological system at the nexus of energy, water and food

In his final 3 years at Shell, Russ was leader of the Gamechanger program with a remit for the full Shell business. GameChanger is a Shell-created innovation program acting as an angel investor in highly novel energy technology ideas from anyone, anywhere at any time. Scope included novel technologies for oil and gas industry (geophysical imaging, drilling systems, completion technologies, catalysis, …) and novel options for alternative and renewable energies (e.g. biofuels, hydrogen, wind, solar thermal, …)

Russ advised Shell Senior executives (e.g. CEO, CFO, Treasurer), business units on strategy and finance issues. Led a) development and delivery of Shell’s annual operating plan and annual performance lookbacks, b) development of novel methods for applying game and auction theory to offshore oil and gas lease bidding, c) application of real options decision making to upstream oil and gas investment decisions simultaneously accounting for commodity price and future technological uncertainty. Participated as a team member in Shell Scenario development.

Dr. Shuk Han Chan

Shuk is a scientist, educator and storyteller with extensive experience in clean energy research, education and policy. As a multi-disciplinary researcher, she brings exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills while being able to keep a big picture, strategic focus. Shuk's skillset spans across: technical analysis, technology demonstration, program/project management and education and outreach.

With a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkley, Shuk brings a strong technical background together with a humanistic outlook on energy systems and policy. As an award winning scientist and researcher, Shuk has been published in many DOE reports as well as in several book chapters addressing the topics of renewable energy infrastructure and fuel cell electric power systems.

After extensive experience in the teaching and research fields, Shuk spent several years working for the US DOE's Fuel Cell & Technologies office, providing techno-economic analysis, developing research programs, developed outreach materials and briefs for key stakeholders and much more. 

She has worked in diverse environments from the US to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Shuk is driven and committed to making a difference in the communities she serves. Shuk currently works at the nexus of energy and policy, innovating solutions to advance Hawaii’s 100% clean energy goals. 

Dave Austgen

Innovation, new technology development and commercialization are Dave’s passion and have been the focus of his career for 30 years. He has worked in the energy and chemicals industries, in both the conventional petroleum-based sectors and the clean/renewable energy sectors. Dave has worked at the lab bench and held senior management roles at large global energy and chemical companies as well as several technology startups. Dave worked for 10 years at clean tech/bio-industrial startups – Earth Energy Renewables (COO), Proterro (CBDO) and Luca Technologies (CDO).  His personal mission is to contribute to the deployment of cleaner and cheaper energy, chemicals, and materials solutions with the aim of improving lives and protecting our beautiful earth.

Other roles included Vice President of Technology, Shell Hydrogen and Global Technology Manager – GameChanger Innovation. In 2004, Dave oversaw the opening of the world’s first retail hydrogen fueling station, in Washington D.C, opened by the second President Bush.

Dave was an Adjunct Professor at the Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University, from 1997 until 2004. He has served on numerous advisory committees and boards. He received a MBA and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering both from the University of Texas at Austin.


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